Gold and Black Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

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Your Ultimate Table Set

The allure of owning top-shelf cutlery set for your kitchen, tabletop, or restaurant is extremely enticing. When it comes to your cutlery set, you should not compromise on quality. Cutlery draws tremendous attention to the food you prepared. A great cutlery set should “bring home the bacon”, literary! It should scream ELEGANCE, SPLENDOR, and QUALITY.  

The gold and black stainless-steel cutlery features are appealing enough to increase your appetite for the food. These sets come in graceful shapes. Ergonomic yet majestic. They have a splendid mirror polish and are made of original silver. No more rusty spoons. 

They are made from tested stainless steel that has passed all FOOD SAFE TEST. We take a lot of quality assurance measures to ensure you get quality, safe and high-end cutlery in every piece. 

Keeping you in mind, they are made with a heat insulation and anti-scald feature that protects your hands from excessive heat. 

With proper care, this black and gold stainless steel cutlery set is durable and maintains its ever so lovely lustrous look. You could even use them to see if you have something stuck in your teeth. 

These cutlery sets come as 16- or 24-pieces set. The entire set is composed of well-rounded dinner and teaspoons with a glorious gold head and a black base; a sharp well-toothed dinner fork that can dig through the rarest of meat; and sharp serrated dinner knife that follows the same design as the spoons.


Don’t waste any more time with a rusty cutlery set.

Get yourself the Gold and Black Stainless Steel Cutlery set today. 

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