Full Tang Handmade Chef Cleaver

  • $129.00
  • Save $50

Top Knife for Professional Cooks

Do you want a strong, handy knife with several functions?

If your response is “yes”, then I’m glad to introduce to you the new Full Tang Handmade Chef Cleaver. This is a handmade forged high-carbon clad steel knife that is a top pick of the professional cooks.    The handle of the knife is a full tang integrated steel shank, wood, and rivet fixing.

The length of the knife is 26.5cm, while the blade’s length is 14.5cm. The width of the blade at the widest point is 6.5cm and its thickness is 0.3mm – the entire feature makes this Handmade Chef Cleaver a durable knife.   

The rough handmade appearance makes it a real power tool. This knife can be used for meat, turkey, bread, beef, fish, vegetables, chicken, salmon, amongst the rest.    When it comes to the number one pick of handmade knives, Full Tang Handmade Chef Cleaver is the choice of the chefs because it's strong and doesn’t wear out.   

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