Handmade Full Tang Butcher Steel

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Full Tang Forged Chef Knife

This Full Tang Butcher Cleaver promises unparalleled dexterity. The blade is 6.7"(17 cm) long, giving the unit a massive leverage and ample cutting surface area. At the widest point, the blade is 3.94" (10 cm), and this provides you with just about the right application of energy to cut through meat.

Its 4mm thickness gives you just the edge you need to push down on pieces of meat, providing the perfect cut. In addition to that, this knife is only 300 grams heavy, and this is significant for a couple of reasons:

You get the wriggle room you need to apply energy on what you are cutting, and you have sufficient weight to allow you to keep the blade comfortably in your hands all through the cutting process.

This Full Tang Handmade Forged Chef Knife piece is made of high carbon steel, making it one of the most durable hand-forged knives around. The handle is made of wood and steel, allowing for a deft and comfortable touch.

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