Folding Outdoor Cooking Gas Burner

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Outdoor Cooking Versatility

Camping shouldn’t be hard, as many experienced campers would say. For one, getting a fire going should be as hassle-free as possible. After all, it is a fundamental part of any camping experience; without it, you practically have to rely on basic survival skills and improvisation. As many beginner campers can attest, this is not exactly enjoyable and only wastes a lot of time.

This folding outdoor cooking gas burner is designed to give that much-needed convenience when camping. Its folding ability means it’s easy to carry around – it, in fact, fits right in your palm. When folded, it only measures 2 inches (which extends to 2.7 once it is unfolded) and only weighs 2 ounces.

Setup is designed to be as easy as possible. It might be small but it can produce a fairly powerful flame that can be ignited with a single action. It is adequate for most cooking endeavors when camping – may it be BBQ, grilling, making stews and soups, etc.

Hurry! Supplies may not be able to meet its high demand for long