8.5" Handmade Full Tang Heavy Butcher Steel

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For Heavy Duty Kitchen Work

If you love to cook you'll be delighted to own this 8.5" Handmade Full Tang Heavy Butcher Steel knife. This blade is meaty and manly in terms of size, it is made of handmade forged manganese steel clad material.  

The knife weighs 1364 grams, and is reliably perfect for different kinds of applications on different meats like steak, turkey, beef, etc. It is a chopping knife as well as a slaughtering knife and can be useful in multiple application indoors and outdoors. 

A full grip handle on the blade ensures the knife does not slide from your swing, as well as add some beauty to the design of the knife. The handle is screwed fixed on the blade and is made of finely finished wood. This is a beautiful wide knife as its widest points measure 4.35 inches. 

The real reason why you'll appreciate using the 8.5" Handmade Full Tang Heavy Butcher Steel knife is because of its heavy duty functions in meat cutting.

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