Eco Friendly Kids Dinner Set

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5 Piece Children Dinner Set

Kids can be very choosy about what they eat. But clever moms devise simple tricks to get them interested in their food. With these colorful cartoon animal themed dinner sets, you can bid good riddance to those dreadful mealtime tantrums. 

Choose from a wide array of cartoon themes attractively embedded on the surface of each item of the set. No matter how much of a picky kid he or she is, there’s at least one set that they will find interesting. Now it will be normal to see all your kids seated and orderly minutes before it is time for dinner. In fact, they won’t budge until their plates are wiped clean. 

This dinner set is made of environment-friendly high-quality natural bamboo fiber material. It is made with both the safety of the child and the environment in mind. In case it drops, it does not break or crack easily. Instead, it stays intact in anticipation for any unforeseen accidents. This dinner set comprises a bowl, a plate, a cup, a spoon, and a fork.  

Motivate your kids to feed better by purchasing this quality dinner set today!

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