Professional 3 Parts Chef Set

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Cutting Edge Knives

This professional set of kitchen knives includes a 5" Santoku knife, a 5" Utility knife and a 3.5" knife. The knives are treated with high temperature and incorporate Precision sharpened cutting edges. The Pakka wood provides a grip that is beautiful, balanced and comfortable. 

Santoku Knife:

Length 5" (237.1mm), Blade Width 27.1mm

Utility Knife:

Length 5" (244.1mm), Blade Width 20.1mm

Paring Knife:

Length 3.5" (205.1mm), Blade Width 19.1mm

  • knife Set material: 7CR17 stainless steel
  • Product technology: Mirror optical processing

This set of knives will handle more than you think in your daily kitchen tasks.


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