5 Piece Chef Steel Set

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Beautifully crafted Damascus Steel  

5 Piece Damascus Steel Chef Set

This Handmade set of Japanese 73 layers Damascus steel & VG10 steel core includes a 3.5" Damascus fruit knife, 5" Damascus utility knife, 8" Damascus Cleaver Knife and a 7" inch Damascus Japanese chef  knife and an 8" Damascus chef knife.

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 3.5" Damascus fruit knife: length: 198 mm, blade length: 84mm, blade thickness: 2.1 mm blade width: 22mm, net weight: 78.9 g.

5" Damascus utility knife: Length: 231 mm, blade length: 115mm, blade thickness: 2.1 mm blade width: 25mm, net weight: 87.4 g.

8" Damascus cleaver knife: Length: 336 mm, blade length: 199mm, blade thickness: 2.2 mm blade width: 30mm, net weight: 183.5 g.

7" Damascus Japanese chef knife: Length: 310 mm, blade length: 172mm, blade thickness: 2.2 mm blade width: 45mm, net weight: 215.6 g.

8" Damascus chef knife: Length: 335 mm, blade length: 198mm, blade thickness: 2.2 mm blade width: 44mm, net weight: 205.1 g.

Superb Craftsmanship  


  • Superb Processed wood handle- distortion and fading resistance
  • Super anti rust capabilities; Light energy.
  • Sharpness level: Cutting force: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.
  • Hardness: 60-62 HRC.
  • Sharp and durable Chef Knives


Each set is carefully packed in hard shockproof Black Corrugated Gift box


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