Wall Bottle Opener

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Wall Mounted Beer Opener

Opening a beer with this wall mounted bottle opener is fast, convenient and hustle free. The wall bottle opener is cleverly designed to easily open most beer bottles. Consequently, you save on time spent searching for a bottle opener and struggling with clumsy openers every time you want a beer.

Made to conveniently hang on the wall, it is sturdy and made of durable quality metal and MDF. 

Your space stays clean and litter-free, as all the bottle caps are caught in the practical cap catcher at the bottom so no bottle caps end up on the floor. The cap catcher can also be used as convenient storage for small items such as lighters.

Thanks to the stylish vintage design, the wall mounted beer opener is a fantastic wall decoration when not in use. It is also a fun yet practical gift for your friends.

Extremely Limited Supply


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